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‘Autumn Leaves’, a follow up single to the successful debut EP ‘The Only One’, was released on 29th January 2021.


Recorded entirely during lockdown, the track features the smooth, melancholic vocals of Sophie Jones that combine effortlessly with the keys that were a strong feature in their debut, calmly evoking shades of Laura Marling and at the same time The Mamas & The Papas.

‘Autumn Leaves’ is a sombre, bittersweet track that juxtaposes a wholesome melody and tempo with melancholic chords and lyrics that touch on the mental strains of love and loss. This emotive dissonance is becoming a trademark skill for the band, with similar feelings apparent in their first single The Only One.


‘The Only One’ is Sugarmoon's debut EP, released on 8th August 2020.

The title track ‘The Only One’ is a sun-drenched soundtrack to the slow hot days of the heatwave summer. It was released on 17th July with a beautiful video that racked up 20k views on the band’s Facebook page in the first week of the release.


Also featured is ‘It’s Not The End’, a fierce, boozy jazz-hall song with instrumentation inspired by the band’s love of Serge Gainsbourg, and vocally Sophie Jones evokes the effortless cool vibes of Mama Cass Elliott.


Finally, ‘Cherry Pie’ is a melancholy, guitar driven journey that stops off along the way at various stages, as the track evolves and reshapes itself. The pace intensifies in the middle with driving saxophone and John Lennon-esque double-tracked vocals.


The video for ‘The Only One’ was created using Super 8 footage that vocalist Sophie Jones found in her grandparents’ attic. She says: “We watched the tapes and it was incredible shots of my family in my hometown in Wales. We had the idea to create a video for ‘The Only One’ because the two complemented each other so well – the song is an ode to summer, love and memories that you never want to lose.’

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